Dan and Shan

Hi, i’m Dan and i’m married to Shan and we have 4 kids, Zeke, Jed, Abi and Mori. I served with the two ways ministries team in 2018-19 before joining Engadine Anglican Church as their youth minister. My average week is filled with encouraging, training and equipping our youth leaders to equip our youth to join us in sharing the eternity changing news of Jesus. 
Please pray in thanks that the gospel can’t be locked down and that we’d be using all the creative means at our disposal to tell others about his gracious gift of Jesus. Please also pray that our four wonderful kids would all grow up knowing, loving and serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

Simon and Fiona

Hi, I’m Simon and I’m married to Fiona. Our toddler and twin girls make life very busy but also very fun! I served with Two Ways Ministries last year. This year I’m serving as an AFES staffworker alongside the students at ACU North Sydney. Please pray for this young growing Christian group – that students would be keen to meet together and learn from God’s word through Growth Groups, Common Hour and Prayer Meeting, despite being online for now. Pray also that students would find ways to love one another even in lockdown.

Chris and Thom

I’m Chris, married to Thom and I finished up with TWM in 2017. I went on to teach SRE at a high school in south west Sydney, while also working part time for the public service. Currently, I am a full-time mum and I spend a not insignificant amount of time on swings or around swingsets. I serve our local church in Fairfield wherever there is a need. Please pray for the area of south west Sydney and for the gospel to go out and for the church to be equipped to serve our community in various ways. 

Kevin and Mathea

Hi, I’m Kevin and I served with Two Ways Ministries last year. My wife Mathea and I have since moved to Canberra and are serving with the Christian group at the ANU. It has been a joy seeing students stand out as Christians and speak about Jesus to their peers. Pray for our mission this upcoming week where we are inviting students to come see the Mark Drama. Also pray for a number of students who went back to Sydney during the semester break and are not allowed back onto the colleges on campus while the lockdown continues.

Candy and Lachlan

I am Candy married to Lachlan and a student minister with Two Ways Ministries in 2015–2017. After 3 years serving in church and student ministry in New Zealand, I am now the women’s minister at St Paul’s Anglican, Carlingford. My week to week looks like sharing God’s word with those at St Paul’s and seeing them grow to know and love Jesus. Please pray for us, this summer we are seeking to run a kids camp for 200 kids! pray God will bring many children and families to a saving knowledge of Jesus. 

Ling and Luke

Hi, I’m Ling and I was a student minister at TWM in 2020. 2021 has been a big year! I’m settling into life at St Thomas’ North Sydney after getting married to Luke, who is an assistant minister there. I’m so thankful for opportunities to teach the Word in Bible study and SRE at two high schools (Cammeraygal and North Sydney Girls). Please pray for our first year of marriage, for us to keep establishing our identity in Christ and to serve God and others in our circles. I’d also love prayer for God’s help in leading and discipling women at Bible study and in 1:1’s, and for perseverance in teaching SRE in our postmodern world. And in all things, for me to grow in dependence on God whose reign is over all.  


Hi, I’m Susan and I served with Two Ways Ministries as a student minister in 2018. After that, I took on a part-time role as Legal Counsel at Sydney Diocesan Services, the services arm of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney. I have also returned to my home church, St Barnabas Anglican Fairfield and Bossley Park as the part-time Women’s and Children’s Minister. It’s my first year juggling both, and I have discovered that working two part-time jobs is not the same as working one full-time job! Please pray for South-West Sydney as it continues its battle against COVID-19 and for our church as we seek to reach our local area with the good news of Jesus in this challenging season. 

John and Ailsa

John was a student minister with TWM in 2017. He and Ailsa are now serving the Lord Jesus in Sevenoaks, Kent. Last year John was appointed Congregational Pastor for the offsite congregation of St Nicholas Church.  He is responsible for the teaching and leading that congregation as well as equipping the rest of the Parish in evangelism.
Thank the Lord for regathering congregations after 18months of lockdowns.  Pray that John and Ailsa would teach and model Christ so that the church would grow in maturity and number.  Please also pray that the Lord would open a door widely for the gospel to the 60K people of Sevenoak’s region.


Hi! I’m Talar, and I was a TWM student minister in 2017. I’m now serving as the children’s and families’ minister at Naremburn and Cammeray Anglican Church.
This term our whole church has been looking at John’s gospel and we’ve been challenged again to look to the glorious Jesus Christ who establishes life and graciously gifts it to us.
“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him” John 3:36 (a verse familiar to many of us who have learned TWTL)
Please pray that God would graciously open the eyes of the blind, so that they would see the glory of Jesus and know the life he offers. Pray also that our own hearts and minds would long to be filled with the knowledge and love of Christ, our life.


Marlee was a student minister with TWM in 2018-19.

Our staff team partners with students in the AFES group at Wollongong Uni, together “proclaiming Christ to present everyone mature in Him”. One of my great joys in ministry is training female apprentices & senior students in godliness, evangelism and faithful opportunistic discipling of others. I love teaching the Bible (all the while being taught by it!) and helping unbelievers grapple with the good news that Jesus is saviour & Lord. Please pray for God to keep bringing gospel growth that sees students sent to the nations with this news.

Paul and Bron

Paul was a student minister with TWM in 2018-19.

We are currently serving at Trinity Church Modbury (in Adelaide). Coops is the associate pastor looking after youth, young adults, mission and membership. Bron is active in ministering to the women in our congregation as well as keeping everything else for the rest of our family afloat! Its been a busy 20 months but we feel we are where God wants us to be.  We are so thankful to Phillip, Helen, Wendy and Sophie and all at TWM for our time with them. Both Bronwen and I have remarked how we feel like we are still unpacking and learning how to apply everything we were taught and exposed to at TWM now we are in ministry full-time … and how incredibly valuable our time with TWM was. Please pray for our family as we continue to grow in ministry together, for resilience and patience and most all, for us to continue to grow in our love and knowledge of Jesus as we serve.

Josh and Nikki

I was with Two Ways for a fantastic two years (2018-9). I’m now a minister at SNAC at Bexley North. This picture is my wife Nikki and our ticklish toddler, Charlie, and a bubbly baby, Archie. 

My week is filled with thinking about how to encourage the Christians in my congregations and remind them of our unity in Christ at a time when we feel isolated, remind them of how unaffected our salvation in Christ at a time when people can feel insecure and anxious, and remind them to look to the indwelling Spirit who has never been closer and never been of more comfort.
So I’m still trying to imitate the apostle Paul! Lockdown has reminded me that the work of ministering to each other never goes on pause, and is never any less needed. I’ve never felt more privileged to be reminding people that to live is Christ and to die is gain!

Greg and Aileen

Hi all! I’m Greg and I’m married to Aileen and we have two kids, Zach and Adele. I served with TWM in 2017 whilst finishing College and after graduating ended up in our hometown Melbourne. Since being here I’ve been a Kids and Youth Minister, then ordained in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne where I’ve been an assistant minister for the past three years. I’m now about to begin as the senior minister at All Saints Anglican in Mitcham. 
Please pray All Saints may be revitalised, and for God to give us wisdom as we love the people and point them to the Lord Jesus through faithful Biblical teaching. May he also bring people from death to life as we proclaim his glorious gospel to the community!