Pray for Australia


Please join us January 26th 2021, to pray for Australia.

Our country is desperately in need of our prayers so would you join us for a day to PRAY FOR AUSTRALIA and PRAY FOR OURSELVES as we prepare for the year ahead of evangelism – What better day than Australia Day?

Australia Day, Tuesday January 26 2021

  • 10:30 am – 3:00 pm

Speaker: Phillip Jensen

Bible talks and prayer

If you are one of the young adults who attends Forums or Trajectory weekends, register as an individual and come to Watson’s Bay (Covid limit is 50 people). $10 registrations includes morning tea and ‘sausage sizzle’ lunch. More details will follow in the registration process.

Contact Details

Contact Wendy for any further information

Registrants who are feeling unwell and have any covid symptoms are urged to stay home (refunds available).