Mark 8, Daniel 7:1-14

Talk 1 of 3 in the Series: The Truth Worth Everything 2019

Given at Holy Trinity Kingsford

Bible Readings: Daniel 7:1-14, Mark 8

The Truth

  1. The True Value 

2. Perceived 

a. two stages 

b. public opinion 

c. Peter 

d. Christ 

3. The Christ Refined Perception 

a. began 

b. Son of Man 

c. Rejected, Suffering and Rising 

4. The Old Testament 

a. Psalm 2 

b. Daniel 7 

c. Ezekiel 37 

5. The True Christ Revealed 

a. baptism  

b. temptation 

c. public ministry 

d. private teaching 

e. death and resurrection 

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