Mark 8, Daniel 7:13-28

Talk 2 of 3 in the Series: The Truth Worth Everything 2019

Given at Holy Trinity Kingsford

Bible Readings: Daniel 7:13-28, Mark 8

The Cost

1.Jesus’ Prediction  

a. contrary to worldly expectation 

b. contrary to Satan 

c. based in Scripture 


2. Peter’s reaction 

a. natural 

b. spiritual 


3. Jesus’ Requirement 

a. anyone in the crowds 

b. deny, take up, follow  

c. explained 


4. Jesus Began 

a. continued 

b. conflict rising 

c. the rich and the blind 

d. the child and the disciples 

e. the rulers and the ransom 


5. Living for the Truth 

a. the gospel 

b. the gospel values 

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