Romans 8:1-17

Fruitful Living

Talk 2 of 3 at NTE 2017 (National Training Event) Graduates Program, Cite. Talk 3 is The Ministry Of God’s Spirit.

Other talks given at NTE can be found in the series National Training Event.

Talk Outline

1.          Between a Rock and a Hard place

a          defending grace

            b          defending law

  •   is law sin?
  •  did good bring death?

            c          our questions

2.         Two Puzzles

            a          autobiographical?

            b          what state

  • unregenerate
  • weak regenerate
  • normal regenerate


3.          The Chapter’s Concern

            a          is law sin?

  •  denial?
  • explanation
  • conclusion

            b          did that which was good bring death?

  • denial?
  • explanation
  • conclusion


4.          Fruitful Living

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