Romans 7:1-25

The Ministry Of God’s Spirit

Talk 3 of 3 at NTE 2017 (National Training Event) Graduates Program, Cite. Talk 1 is The New Way of the Spirit.

Other talks given at NTE can be found in the series National Training Event.

Talk Outline

Conjunctions, Person, Strange phrases

1.          The Nature of True Spirituality

           a          amoral morality

            b          unspiritual morality

            c          spirit vs flesh

2.          Unravelling the Logic

       a          therefore, because, for, in order that

            b          what God has done

            c          the consequence

            d          purpose

3.          The Two Ways (8:5-11)

            a          living by the flesh

            b          living by the spirit

4.          What does the future hold for those who are in Christ

           a          the debt we do not owe

            b          led by the spirit

            c          spirit of sonship

            d          if children, then

5.          True Spirituality

            a          flesh

            b          spirit


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