Talk 3 of 4 in the series MYC Holy Spirit Talks 2020

The Spirit and the World

  1. It’s better to be without him

            a          your advantage

            b          the helper comes

  1. The Christ’s glorification

            a          the new beginning the

                        i.          baptism of the Spirit and power to witness

                        ii          true Pentecostal gospel

  • Acts 2
  • Rom 1

            b          cessationism

                        i.          all Christians are cessationists

                        ii          what has ceased?

  • apostles?
  • miracles?
  1. The Helper comes to convict

            a          convict

            b          the world

            c          concerning

                        i.          sin

                        ii          righteousness

                        iii         judgement

  1. The Evangelists

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