Talk 2 of 4 in the series MYC Holy Spirit Talks 2020

The Spirit and Christ

  1. The Spirit and Christ

            a          must not divide Spirit from Word

            b          must not divide Spirit from Jesus

  1. Jesus’ Public Ministry (John 1-12)

            a          John and Baptism in the Spirit 1:29-34

            b          Nicodemus and Born of the Spirit 2:23-3:10

            c          the disciples and the Gift of the Spirit 7:37-39

  1. Jesus’ Private Ministry (John 12-17)

            a          the turning point 12:20-28

            b          the disciples’ preparation 13-17

i preparation for his ____________

ii preparation for his ____________

            c          the aftermath

  1. The Spirit of Glory

            a          the person of the Spirit

            b          Spirit comes because

            c          Spirit’s Purpose

            d          Spirit’s Timing

  1. The Spirit’s Arrival

            a          We still have not seen

            b          the gift of the glorified Jesus

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