1 Timothy 4

Training For Godliness

Talk 3 of 5 in a series on 1 Timothy given at Mid Year Conference in 2016 for University Students.

Talk Outline

  1. Confessing the Secret of Godliness
    • faith, belief, trust
    • salvation and service
  2. Departing from the Faith
    • predicted
    • the means
      • deceitful spirits and teaching of demons
      • irreverent silly myths
      • insincere liars
    • the ascetic alternative
  3. Timothy’s Saving Task
    • these things
      • put before the believers
      • command and teach
    • not myths but train for godliness
      • benefits of training
      • benefits of godliness
    • not despised but an example
      • in speech and life
      • devoted gifted practitioner
    • save yourself and hearers
  4. The Means of Salvation
    • the Saviour of all people
    • to this end we toil and labour
    • you will save yourself and your hearers

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