Matthew 6:19-34

Priorities of Righteousness

Talk 4 of 6 in the Series The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached 2003 given at St Andrews Cathedral.

The next talk in the Series is Righteous Judgements

Sermon Outline

  1. Priorities
    • Unexpressed
    • In Reality
    • Unconsidered
  2.  Priorities for Disciples
    • Treasures In Heaven
    • Serving God
    • God’s Kingdom and Righteousness
  3. The Folly of Alternatives
    • Perishability
    • Slavery
    • Impossibility
    • Quality of Life
    • Faithless
    • Inefficiency
    • Paganism
  4. Materialistic Spirituality
    • Creator
    • Father
    • Heaven on Earth

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