Matthew 7:1-12

Righteous Judgements

Talk 5 of 6 in the Series The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached 2003 given at St Andrews Cathedral.

The next talk in the Series is The Two Ways to Live

Sermon Outline

  1. Understanding the Context
    • disconnected? but “So”
    • connected to 7:1
    • connected to 6:19
    • connected to 5:17
  2. The “How To” of Human Judgements
    • judgementalism
    • removing hypocrisy
    • recognising true values
    • prayer
  3. Encouragement to Pray
    • when a command is not a command
    • the promise
    • the negative argument
    • the positive argument
    • what is promised
  4. Command to Do
    • simple maxim
    • the law and the prophets
  5. God At Work

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