1 Timothy 6:3-21

Godliness and Materialism

Talk 5 of 5 in a series on 1 Timothy given at Mid Year Conference in 2016 for University Students.

Talk Outline

  1. The Prosperity Gospel and the Austerity Gospel
  2. The Teaching that accords with Godliness
    • teach and urge these things
    • false teaching and money
    • true teacher and money
    • final challenge
  3. False Teachers and True Teachers
    • false teachers
      • different doctrine
      • conceited depraved and deprived
    • man of God
      • Paul’s commands
      • presence and appearing
  4. Money Matters
    • godliness is a means of gain
    • godliness and contentment = gain
      • from birth to death
      • from desire to ruin
    • charge for the rich
      • not…but
      • to do…to be
      • now and then
  5. Now and Then
    • pressures and pleasures in living for now
    • but godliness is living now in eternity

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