Mission to the Word

Talk 5 of 5 in the Series MYC 2007 The Purpose of Church

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  1. The End Not the Means
    1. Church is the gathering of the saved
    2. Church is not the gatherer of the saved
    3. Church is for Christians not unbelievers
  2.  But Church Not Unrelated to World Mission
    • Mission is gathering the elect by preaching gospel
    • Church is result of world mission
    • God’s aim is to unite all under Christ
    • God’s aim seen now in unity within church
    • Church welcomes new converts – helps them in
    • Church trains and sends members to preach
    • Church prays for, pays for world missions
    • When gospel is preached churches are planted
    • Gospel that converts is the Gospel that teaches
    • if any outsider comes into church – they will hear the word of God
  3.  Our Commitments
    • God’s plan
    • involves world mission
    • involves church
    • two are not competition but different sides of same coin

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