Revelation 21

A Picture of Heaven
Revelation 21

1 Earthly Pictures of Heavenly Realities
 a language of heaven
 b Biblical imagery
 c earthly pictures

2  The Epilogue’s Prologue (21:1-8)
 a new heaven and new earth
 b holy city
  i new Jerusalem
  ii bride
 c God’s tent
 d God’s people
 e God’s throne
 f first and last
 g water of life
 h God’s son
 i outsiders outside

3 The Holy City (21:9-21)
 a the bride
 b the light
 c the building
 d the dimensions
 e the magnificence

4 The Temple (21:22-27)
 a none because
 b light
 c nations
 d open
 e pure
 f book

5 A Picture of Heaven

  • Cathedral at 5

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