Titus 2

Titus 2

Talk 2 of 3 in the series: Transforming Grace given at the 2019 FIEC National Conference.

1          Titus and the Cretan Christians

2          What is fitting?

            a          distinctive to doctrine

                        i.          behaviour and character

                        ii.         what is good

                        iii.        no discredit

                        iv.        the household code   

            b.         distinctive to group

                        i.          older men

                        ii.         older women

                        iii.        younger women

                        iv.        younger men

                        v.         slaves

3          Why is it fitting?

            a.         for

            b.         grace appeared

                        i.          bringing salvation

ii.         for all people

            c.         past

            d.         present

            e.         future

4          Titus and the Cretan Christians

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