Titus 3

Christian Devotion

Talk 3 of 3 in the series: Transforming Grace given at the 2019 FIEC National Conference.

Titus 3

Talk Outline

  1. The Great Reversal
    • the old people
    • the new people
  2. God at Work
    • when
    • saved us
      • not
      • but
      • so that
  3. Titus at Work
    • insist
    • avoid
    • reject
  4. Christians at Work
    • devote
    • good works

One response to “3. Christian Devotion

  1. Thank you Phillip for this sermon. I appreciate how you reminded us in 1 Cor 6:11 how “but” appears 3 times in the original for emphasis. Also the appreciation of the tenses in the Titus 3 text that emphases what God has done miraculously by His Spirit for underserving sinners like us. We’re planning to teach some basic language skills to the mums growth group in CERC over these next few weeks to help them to appreciate and understand the bible better.

    I also listened to an old sermon preached 8 years ago in the cathedral on Haggai 2. I’m hoping to help a lady who’s been listening to false prophets who are misusing the verses there to interpret the Coronavirus. I’ve forwarded the video to her in hope she will listen to God’s word faithfully expounded. Warmest regards to Helen. Joy

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