Bible on Boundaries

Talk 1 of 2 given at Equip Ministry Wives Conference in 2010.

The next talk in the series is Boundaries in Ministry.

Sermon Outline

  1. Beyond Boundaries
    • the books and the polarised subject require listening
    • powerfully useful metaphor
      • simple
      • flexible
      • real life situations
        • describe your situation – Sherrie 35 Christian mother
        • nurturing empathy – Opposite of indifferent hostility
          1. necessary for mothering but manipulate
          2. necessary for fighting but sociopath
    • misuse of the Bible
      • lack theological coherence
      • dentifying the terminology with the Bible
      • mis-quoting to prove
    • moving beyond the metaphor
      • accepting the good
      • but seeing something better
  2. “Boundaries” in the Bible
    • holiness –
      • God and humanity
      • God and sin
        • boundaries on Sinai and Temple
        • boundaries for our sake not for his
      • Christian and sin
    • heresy
      • have nothing to do with
      • come out from amongst them
    • self? (book really about)
      • love yourself – an assumption not a command
      • deny yourself – die to self Rom 14:7-9
      • Holy spirit within you …you are not your own, for you were bought with a price 1 Cor 619-20
      • I try to please everyone in every way 1 Cor 10:33
      • submit yourself in everything – and one flesh – view of marriage 1 Cor 7:3-5
  3. “To Take Control of Your Life”
    • seeking security in the sinful soul
      • the chaos of life
      • the Bible’s diagnosis
        • sinfulness of living
        • judgement
    • victims and agents
    • Biblical self-control
    • wisdom
    • fear of the Lord
  4. Sovereignty of God
    • sufferings of this present age
    • glory to be revealed
    • hopeful and prayerful groaning
    • all things for the good
    • nothing can separate us
    • satisfying security in the sovereign saviour

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