Living Without Knowledge of God

Talk 4 of 14 in the series: Hosea 2009 Cathedral Bible Study

The next talk in the series is Unable to Find The Lord

Talk Outline

  1. The Background
    • the divided kingdom
      • Ephraim
      • Judah
    • Canaanite religion
      • idolatry and prosperity
      • fertility and the holy ones
    • Marriage and the 10 Commandments
  2. The Charge against Israel (1-4)
    • no faithfulness, steadfast love or knowledge
    • immorality and judgement
  3. People and Priests of Israel (5-14)
    • priests shall stumble
      • rejected and forgotten
      • sin shame punishment
    • like people like priests
      • destroyed for lack of knowledge
      • stupidity of idolatry
      • adultery of idolatry
  4. Warning to Judah (15-19)
    • enter not – leave him alone
    • those who love shame shall be ashamed
  5. Living Without the Knowledge of God
    • the marriage
    • the place of knowledge
    • holiness, adultery and double standard


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