Unable to Find The Lord?

Talk 5 of 14 in the series: Hosea 2009 Cathedral Bible Study.

The next talk in the series is Returning to The Lord.

Talk Outline

  1. Geography and History
    • the twelve tribes
    • the two kingdoms
    • the world empires
    • the northern conquest
    • the border
  2. Who Is At Home?
    • a snare and a net (5:1-2)
    • unable to find the Lord (5:3-7)
    • trouble at the border (5:8-12)
    • the king who could not heal (5:13-14)
    • the promise (5:15)
  3. Will God Hear Our Prayers
    • cherished sin in my heart
    • repentance
    • the new age
  • Cathedral Bible Study

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