Psalm 90


Talk 1 of 2 by Phillip, at the 2020 MTS Recruit Conference.

Psalm 90

1          Moses, the Man of God

            a.         the leader of the Exodus

            b.         the book of Genesis

2          The God of Moses (vv1-2)

            a.         our dwelling place

            b.         from everlasting to everlasting

3          God’s Word: “Return” (vv 3-12)

            a.         the return to dust v3

            b.         God’s eternal perspective vv4-6

            c.         the judgement of death vv7-8

            d.         the judgement on life vv9-10

            e.         understanding v11-12

4          Moses’ Word: “Return” (vv13-17)

            a.         the return to pity v13

            b.         Yahweh’s steadfast love vv14-15

            c.         the lord’s work

5          Three Thousand+ Years Later

            a.         nothing’s changed

            b          everything’s different

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