MTS Recruit - Global Session #2 - Psalms

Join us for the MTS Recruit Global Session #2 where Phillip Jensen will take us through Psalm 90.

Posted by MTS - Ministry Training Strategy on Friday, October 2, 2020
Psalm 90


Interview begins 35 minutes 40 seconds into the session, followed by the Bible reading. The talk begins at 43 minutes.

Talk 1 of 2 by Phillip, at the 2020 MTS Recruit Conference.

Psalm 90

1          Moses, the Man of God

            a.         the leader of the Exodus

            b.         the book of Genesis

2          The God of Moses (vv1-2)

            a.         our dwelling place

            b.         from everlasting to everlasting

3          God’s Word: “Return” (vv 3-12)

            a.         the return to dust v3

            b.         God’s eternal perspective vv4-6

            c.         the judgement of death vv7-8

            d.         the judgement on life vv9-10

            e.         understanding v11-12

4          Moses’ Word: “Return” (vv13-17)

            a.         the return to pity v13

            b.         Yahweh’s steadfast love vv14-15

            c.         the lord’s work

5          Three Thousand+ Years Later

            a.         nothing’s changed

            b          everything’s different

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