John 13:34-35

Why is church going dangerous during a pandemic?

Church is open, free of charge to any and everybody –

            especially the weak, vulnerable and elderly.

Christians welcome strangers and newcomers;

            getting to know them and making them feel at home.

Church is communal: fellowshipping and loving each other;

            it’s not an individualistic activity.

Church going is not a spectator sport

            but a participant activity.

Church is where Christians sing together; 

            not just the choir but everybody sings God’s praises.

Christians share their food as they eat and drink – 

            even sometimes from a common cup.

Christians share their lives with each other;

            praying personally for and with each other.

We may not greet each other with a holy kiss (1 Thessalonians 5:36), 

but we do strive to love one another as Christ has loved us (John 13:34-35).

We may not perfectly fulfil the description above

            but we do try and succeed far more often that critics allow.

We succeed often enough to worry the Government

            whose restrictions on churches are greater than other organisations.

Government restrictions are not persecution but a compliment

            for who else lives in such genuine public community?

One response to “Why is church going dangerous during a pandemic?

  1. If churches follow the restrictions laid by a government with reasonable justice, it is ok. Sometimes churches can do better than what the government instructs because the standard of care is not just a piece of law but love.

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