The Christian Ambivalence

This is an edited version of Week 1 of Forum Term 1 2022 Loving The WorldForum is held on Thursday evening at Moore Theological College. Forum is a 2 hour session of interactive Bible teaching for 18-30 year olds.

The following week is Good, Very Good!

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Session Outline

  1. Welcome
  2. Discussion Questions
    • As a Christian are there things that your friends do or say that you shouldn’t?
    • As a Christian are there things that you do or say that your friends disapprove of?
    • In what ways would a Christians goals in life differ from a non-Christian?
  3. Prayer Time
    • Prayer points
    • How to pray considerately
  4. The Religious/Philosophy Tension about the world
    • God loved the world, should we?
    • Asceticism/Spirituality vs Hedonism/Materialism
  5. Ancient and Modern Tensions
    • Ancient
      • Stoics
      • vs Epicureans
    • Modern
      • Buddhists
      • vs Utilitarians
  6. The Conflict in Israel Mark 1:40-3:6
    • Name the different groups in Israel?
    • In what ways was Jesus different to them all?
    • Why was Jesus different to John the Baptist?
  7. There is a Time for Everything Eccles 3
    • World at its worst (Rom 1, 1 Pet 4:4, 2 Pet 2)
    • The wrong response (1 Tim 4)
    • The Christian response sacrifice (Rom 12), for self and others world denying (2 Cor 4)
    • Value system – where is our joy?
    • Health wealth justice – realised eschatology

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