Talk 1 of 4 in the series MYC Holy Spirit Talks 2020

  1. Deal with Controversy

            a          accept the reality     

            b          search the scriptures

            c          teach the truth

  1. The Person of the Spirit

            a          God

            b          The word ‘spirit’ means

            c          personal

  1. How do we know the Personal God?

            a          two common ways of knowing God   



            b          a third way of knowing

            c          how we know God 1 Corinthians 1-2

i           1:10-25

ii          1:26-31         

iii         2:1-5

iv         2:6-9

v          2:10-14

vi         2:14-16

  1. Speaking God’s Word

            a          value of words    

            b          God and words

            c         hearing God

            d          hearing God’s Spirit

  1. Receiving God’s Word
  2. Election

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