Psalm 95

The Word Doing Its Work: How To Hear A Sermon

A guest sermon given in Youngstown Ohio, Louisville in 2016.

Sermon Outline

  1. The Anglican Everyday Psalm
  2. The Today Psalm
  3. Wesley, Simeon and Christopher Ash
    • Wesley on how to sing
    • Simeon on “Take care how you listen” Luke 8:18
      1. Our Lord’s warning we should heed
        • Hearing in an unbecoming manner
        • Because God himself is speaking to us
        • Because each discourse increases either our salvation or our condemnation
      2. Our Lord’s Caution we Should Obey
        • We should hear with candour Mark 4:10-12
        • We should hear with a desire for Profit
        • We should hear with a humble dependance on God’s Spirit
    • Christopher Ash: “Listen Up” 2009 Good Book Co
  4. The Place of the Bible
    • in the purposes of God
    • in the church
    • in the sermon
  5. The Place of the Sermon
    • in the church
    • in the pastoral ministry
    • the everyday Psalm

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