Hebrews 9:27


Talk 3 of 6 in the series: Theology Of Two ways To Live

1 Gospel Logic

Creation – God made us from nothing for his purpose that as his image and likeness we multiply fill and subdue his world

Sin – We have rejected God, rebelling against his rule over our lives becoming the law-makers the outlaws ruling without him

Judgement – God won’t let us rebel forever. 

God’s punishment for rebellion is death and judgement.

2 Importance of Judgement

3 Biblical Background to Judgement

a Genesis 1-11

b the nations Genesis 15:15-16 18:16-21

c Israel Deuteronomy 29:19-28 – rest of OT esp prophets

d John Baptist Matthew 3:7-12

e Jesus’ teaching

f Acts gospel preaching 10:42 and 17:31

g Epistles promise it

h Revelation 

i Warnings of Judgement

j 2 Ways to Live text

4 Biblical Concepts of Judgement

a God punishes by mortality

b God basic judgement in History

i. Adam and Eve 

ii day of death

iii but not 1-1 correspondence

iv collective as well as individual

v sickness related to sin (individuals)

vi sometimes in war – (corporate) 

c God’s withdrawal Romans 1:18ff

d ambiguity of the world 

e God judges beyond the grave

f God’s Eschatological and Apocalyptic judgement

5 Implications

a God is:-

b Humans are accountable

c Future

6 Alternatives

a Timing problem 

b Circularity of eternity

c Annihilationism

d Renewal –

e non-eternal punishment

f Hades, Hell and Sheol

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