Acts 9:32-43

When Holiness is Wrong

Talk 11 of 30 in the Series Acts 2010 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the Series is The Day the World Changed

Acts 9:32-43

  1. The Problem with Miracles
    1. not how
    2. but why
  2. Peter on the Mat
    1. the holiness of the circumcision party
    2. criticized him “you…ate with them”
    3. Peter’s astonishing defence
  3. The Movement of Acts
    1. Jerusalem, Samaria, ends of the earth
    2. the obstacles of holiness
    3. Jews to Gentiles
    4. Peter to Saul
  4. Peter’s Bona Fides
    1. with Jesus from the beginning
    2. eye witness of his majesty
    3. preacher of Pentecost and Jerusalem
    4. Samaritan mission
    5. the attested evangelist
  5. The Classic Miracles
    1. Aeneas in Lydda
    2. Tabitha/Dorcas of Joppa
    3. Elijah and Jesus
    4. reversing the curse
    5. defiling the holy or sanctifying the unclean?
  6. Preparing the Way

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