The Day the World Changed

Acts 10

1 Days that Changed the World

2 The Drama
 a scene 1 an afternoon in Caesarea
 b scene 2 the tanner’s rooftop in Joppa
 c scene 3 the tanner’s gate in Joppa
 d scene 4 Cornelius’ house in Caesarea
 e scene 5 Peter’s sermon in Caesarea
 f scene 6 the baptism in Caesarea

3 The Main Point
 a overcoming the hostility of holiness
 b the message of salvation
 c saving the nations
 d a universal message

4 The Minor Points
 a guidance
 b what to eat
 c who to eat with
 d baptism
 e tongue speaking

5 Changing
 a the world
 b eternity

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