Session 1 of 3 of the series Who, Why and What of Jesus, an interactive Forum evening at Moore College.

Session 2 Why Did Jesus Come?

Who is Jesus?

  1. Introduction: Jireh
  1. Quiz – Who is who?

Reason they were chosen

  1. Three features of the Gospel

i.       There are two big questions:

chapters 1-8, Who is Jesus?

chapters 9-16, Why did Jesus come?

ii.       We the readers know the answers e.g. v1

provided we know Isaiah – i.e. Old Testament prophecies

John Baptist: well-known, Josephus Jewish historian

Christ = Son of God = Psalm 2 = Coming Kingdom

Baptism = Psalm 2

Jesus’ preaching = coming of Kingdom

the people in the narrative don’t know

watch how Jesus reveals himself and

how they come to know

iii.      Turning Point of the Book is 8:27-33 (Map Caesarea Philippi)

Who do people say I am? èancient answers

Who do you say I am? èthe existential question

Who do you say I am? èPeter’s answer

  1. Who do people say Jesus is today?

Each group read a chapter of Mark 1-7 – Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus a liar?             Josh

Is Jesus a legend?       Susan

Is Jesus a lunatic         Marlee

  1. What Kind of Lord?

Old Testament expectations

Parables not to make it simple but fulfil O.T. expectations 4:10-12

Miracles not to show God’s power but fulfil O.T. expectations

acts out of compassion 1:41, 3:4-5, 6:34, 8:2

walks away from crowds 1:35

refuses to do miracles 8:12-13

tells leper not to tell anybody but temple authorities 1:45

forgives lame man of sins 2:1-12

require understanding 6:51-52. 8:18-21

Abraham: the Bedouin

Ur on Euphrates

God spoke

Promised land

Children more than you can count

Centre of world history – cursing and blessing

course of human history 57% world population

Moses – prophet

Slaves into a nation

Law of God – like no other – eg constitutional monarchy

Another Prophet

David – kingdom – Son will be king will last for ever

Only time of power

Promised a Son – God’s Son – rule all nations all time

the Christ

  1. But if he is Lord….

what did he come to do?

why did he die?

how does being crucified make him Lord?

You! Who do you think Jesus is?

part of the answer lies in why he came and what he requires

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