Mark 8:27-38

Session 2 of 3 of the series Who, Why and What of Jesus, an interactive Forum evening at Moore College.

Session 3 What does Jesus Require?

Why did Jesus Come?

  1. Introduction: Jireh

Each week we’re looking at Mark’s gospel. Last week we saw who Jesus was by looking particularly at Mark 8:29. This is the turning point in Mark because in verse 31Jesus begins to answer our second question of why he has come.

  1. Discussion on why Jesus was killed

What did Jesus achieve by being crucified?

  1. Introduction to the meaning of life

Exploring the Why? question implies meaning – some larger sense of meaning beyond the basic. It implies that there is a meaning to life and death

that his life – if not our lives are meaningful. So, go back a step and ask about meaninglessness and meaning of life and death

  1. Meaninglessness and the meaning of life: Lucy

For many people (e.g. atheists, materialists) life is meaningless, simply a succession of meaningless events. But as soon as you make moral judgements e.g. war crimes you are saying there is meaning, justice, right and wrong.

We may not know what the meaning is, but their life is not pointless and meaningless and humans (e.g. me and you) are not meaningless.

  1. Meaning of death: Marlee and Phillip

We all die, but is there any more meaning to death than just organ failure?

We don’t live as if there is nothing after death. Bible is clear that we die because God says we’re not fit to live for ever it’s the consequence of our rebellion against God (sin).

The wages of Sin is death Romans 6:23 and death takes us to judgement Hebrews 9:27.

  1. Did Jesus want to die?

Socrates,Jesus in the Garden

  1. Mark 15:1-39

In this passage why was Jesus crucified?

King, Christ, Son of God vv2, 9, 12, 17-18, 26, 32, (36), 39.

But Why did Jesus choose to die?

‘must’ of Mark 8:2, 9:31, 32-34, ‘not what I will, but what you will’

Mark 10:35-45

Kingdom – but not like this world’s kingdom

Servant not served, ransom for many, kidnapped, redeemed slaves, substitute

Go back to chapter 15, punishment v34 –

remains faithful (my God – Psalm 22) (v24 Psalm 22)

cursed Gal 3:13, 2Cor 5:21, 1 Pet 3:18, Isa 53:6

substitution – Barabbas (guilty and freed), mockery 31-32

Temple Curtain

But we’re ignoring one thing – Mark 8:31, 9:31, 10:34

Why didn’t they understand what he meant by rise again?

  1. What does the resurrection mean? Jireh

Not reincarnation or eternal spirit but physically coming back to life as yourself

Death is defeated, there is life after death, life is not meaningless – but there will be justice. The judgement day of OT prophecy has commenced Acts 17:31

  1. Jesus Mark 16:1-8 (esp vv6-8)

Jesus is, not was, the Christ, the payment for sin was complete, the ransom paid in full. The new age of the Kingdom commenced, the Amnesty declared.

1 Tim 1:15 – The Bible’s explanation of why Jesus came.

A Prayer to become a Christian

Dear God,

I know that I am not worthy to be accepted by you.

I don’t deserve your gift of eternal life.

I am guilty of rebelling against you and ignoring you.

I need forgiveness.

Thank you for sending your son to die for me that I may be forgiven.

Thank you that he rose from the dead to give me new life.

Please forgive me and change me, that I may live with Jesus as my ruler.    Amen

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