Why Even You Can Be a Christian

Talk 13 of 30 in the series Acts 2010 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the series is The Conflict of Church and State

Acts 11

  1. The New Testament and Us
    • recounting history
    • abnormalities from the normalities
    • their interests and ours
  2. Jews and Gentiles
  3. The Critical Acceptance of God’s Hand
    • critical
    • the evidence
    • Baptism
      • baptize whom/why dispute
      • two views of Baptism with the Holy Spirit
      • the Bible’s teaching
      • baptism with the Spirit
      • evidence of grace
    • the acceptance
      • praise God v18
      • encouragement
      • Provisions to be given to the people of Jerusalem
  4. Today’s Jews and Gentiles
    • division
    • uncritical acceptance
    • critical rejection
    • universal direction

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