Are Your Good Works Supernatural?

Cathedral Bible Study

Cathedral Bible Study is a weekly talk by Phillip for city workers.

Originally Published:
24th April 2012

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Bible passage: Matthew 5:16-20

Date: 24/04/2012


Are Your Good Works Supernatural?

      Matthew 5:16-20

1.    “Love not Law”
	a	tolerance ≠ acceptance

	b	justice based forgiveness 

2	Jesus’ Disciples
	a	persecuted for righteousness’ sake

	b	salt, light, city

	c	God glorifying good works

3	Jesus and the Law, 5:17-18
	a	law and the prophets 

	b	not to abolish but to fulfil 

	c	all is accomplished

4	The Disciples and the Law
	a	relative standing within the Kingdom

	b	absolute entry into the Kingdom

5	Jesus and the Old Testament
	a	the Christian bible

	b	teach and obey

	c	the final explanatory chapter

	d	a new level of righteousness

	e	the supernatural good works