Study 5: Timothy And His Elders

Two Ways Ministries

Originally Published:
1st January 2016

Tagged: 1 timothy


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Bible passage: 1 Timothy 5:1 - 6:3

Date: 01/01/2016


		Series: Studies in 1 Timothy
(Talk 5 of 6)

1 How One Ought to Behave in the Household
a godliness does not deny creation
b godliness does not deny created relationships
i age
ii gender
c honouring widows, elders and masters

2 Widows and the Practicalities of True Religion
a providing for widows
i family responsibility
ii church responsibility
b enrolled widows
i true i.e. all alone without family
ii hoping in God not self indulgent
iii over 60 monogamous
iv reputation for good works
c young widows
i passions and desires
ii idlers, gossips and busybodies

3 Elders and the Importance of True Judgements
a elders’ double honour
b dealing with accusations
i do not admit a charge lightly
ii public rebuke
iii no partiality
iv no participation
v truth will out

4 Slaves and the Obligation of Honour
a yoke
b motivations for honour
i gospel reputation
ii brothers