The How of Evangelism

Week 6 of Forum Term 1 2021: Evangelism in the Purposes of God. Forums are held on Thursday and Friday evenings at Moore Theological College. They are a 2 hour session of interactive bible teaching for 18-30 year olds. 

Session Outline

  • God’s Purposes
    • Evangelism
    • Evangelism in the Purposes of God
    • The Why of Evangelism
    • The Who of Evangelism 
    • The How of Evangelism
  • The How of Evangelism
      • Acts 20:18-27
        • what did Paul do?
        • what did Paul preach?
  •  History
    • Paul White interview clip. For the entire recording see here.

  • Book
    • Jungle Doctor Fables 


  • How To
    • Speaking
  • 2WTL
    • Repent and Believe
      • Repent
      • Believe
        Know – believe – trust – faith
      • Draw the relationship between these four words- believe, know, trust, faith
      • What does everybody have faith in?
      • What can we know without faith?
      • Who can we know without faith?
    • What is Repentance and Faith resting upon?
  • How to Tell People to Repent

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