The Work of The Holy Spirit in Evangelism

Week 6 of Forum Term 3 2021 Evangelism, Prayer and The Holy SpiritForums are usually held on Thursday and Friday evenings at Moore Theological College, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic this term was online via Zoom. Forum is a 2 hour session of interactive Bible teaching for 18-30 year olds.

The following week is The Work of The Holy Spirit in Christians.

For more information on Forums or if you would like to join us in person/Zoom, please see Forums.

Session Outline

  1. Greatest Fear in Evangelism
  2. Jesus’ Teaching in Johns Gospel
  3. Power
    1. What is power?
    2. What is spiritual power?
    3. What power does the spirit give for evangelism?
  4. Great Debate
    1. Apostles
    2. Spirit and miracles
  5. Baptism in the Spirit and Born of the Spirit
  6. Filled With the Spirit

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