Romans 4:1-25

Faith Works

Talk 9 of 32 in the series: Romans 2006-7 The Bible Talks.

The next talk in the series is Pure Joy.

Sermon Outline

  1. A Man Called…
  2. Whose Questions
    • what is faith?
    • what place faith and law?
    • who is the offspring/
  3. The Promise of Faith
    • the principle vv16-17
    • the grace vv1-8
      1. wages
      2. boasting
      3. 2 examples
    • guaranteed to all vv9-15
      1. circumcision vv9-12
      2. law vv13-15
      3. father
    • the faith of Abraham
      1. object
      2. persuaded
      3. ours
  4. Justified through Grace by Faith

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