Micah 7

God’s Judgement and Salvation

Talk 7 of 7 in the series: Micah Bible Studies

This is the last talk in the series. Thank you for listening.

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  1. Living in the Land under Judgement 7:1-10
    • the judgement
    • the suffering and hope of salvation
    • the vindication of the sinful
  2. See the Salvation of the LORD 7:11-17
    • the day of rebuilding 
    • shepherd the sheep
    • confound the enemies
  3. The Micah Pun 7:18-20
    • love
    • faithfulness

pardons iniquity 

          passes over transgression 

                 does not retain his anger  

                        because he delights in steadfast love. 

          has compassion; 

          treads down iniquities. 

 casts away sins 


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