Matthew 10:16-42

The Conflict Of Jesus

Talk 33 of 53 in the Series Matthew 2012-14 St Andrews Cathedral

The next talk in the Series is Misunderstanding Jesus

Matthew 10:16-42

  1. Sheep, Wolves, Serpents and Doves
    • the context
    • the response
  2. The Wisdom of Serpents
    • the moment
    • their teacher’s rejection
    • whom to fear
      1. The truth will be out
      2. They can’t hurt the soul
      3. God is in control
    • the teacher’s mission
    • the rewards
    • the actions
  3. Their Moment and Ours
    1. the end of the age
    2. the crisis of the cross
      1. suffering for our salvation
      2. division and loyalty
      3. whom to fear?
  4. Remember the Cross

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