1 Timothy

The Mystery of Godliness

This talk was given at  The United Christian Church of Dubai in 2018 as a visiting speaker.

Sermon Outline

Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness: 

He was manifested in the flesh, 

vindicated by the Spirit, 

seen by angels, 

proclaimed among the nations, 

believed on in the world, 

taken up in glory. 

1 Timothy 3:16 

  1. The Mystery of Godliness
    • why the letter
    • the ‘mystery’ is a secret
    • the truth about ‘godliness’  
  2. The Secret of True Religion  
    • Christ’s accomplishments
    • achieved
      1. manifested in the flesh
      2. vindicated by the Spirit 
    • revealed
      1. seen by angels
      2. proclaimed among the nations 
    • resulted
      1. believed on in the world
      2. taken up in glory 
  3. How One Ought to Behave in God’s Household 

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