Ecclesiastes 1:12 - 2:26

The Quest of a King

Talk 2 of 6 in the series‘Eternity’- Ecclesiastes 2012 St Andrews Cathedral

Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26

Sermon Outline

1. Vanity of Vanities

2. The Preacher and King

a) to seek and to search

b) the warning of the outcome

3. Searching the Folly of Wisdom

a) wisdom, folly and madness

b) with knowledge is vexation

4. Searching the Sadness of Pleasure

a) warning of outcome

b) wine, women and works

c) striving after the wind

5. Comparing of Wisdom and Folly

a) clearly better

b) no difference

6. Despairing over and yet Enjoying Toil

a) what gain?

b) enjoyment from the hand of God

7. Eat, Drink and Tomorrow?

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