Mark 8:34-38

Session 3 of 3 of the series Who, Why and What of Jesus, an interactive Forum evening at Moore College.

Session 1 Who is Jesus?

What does Jesus Require?

  1. Introduction: Jireh

Last 2 weeks and tonight we’re looking at the turning point of Mark at 8:29f where the 3 questions of who, why and what are posed.

  • Two weeks ago …
    • Who was Jesus?
  • Last week, looking at the same passage
    • Why did Jesus come?
  • Topic for tonight
    • What Jesus Requires?
  1. Discussion on Requirement

What right has anybody to require anybody to do anything?

Who has that right and why have they got it?

What would motivate you to accede to their requirements?

What is right? What is wrong with “I am the boss of me”

  1. Interview: Jireh

Who do you think Jesus is? What difference does it make to you?

  1. Interview: Marlee

Why did Jesus come? What difference does it make to you?

  1. What does Jesus Require?

Crowd and Disciples v34

Whoever wants to be my disciple


Deny themselves

Take up their cross

Follow me

= lose your life for me and the gospel v35

  1. A lived example: Marlee

What Jesus requires sounds extreme, what persuaded you to do as he required?

What has it meant in your life? What changes has it involved for you?

  1. Why Do What Jesus Requires? vv35-38

Who is Jesus?   –                               True Authority

Why did Jesus come?   –                    Love

Necessary to save it v35                  Necessary

Alternative is death v36-37             Meaningless Certainty

Alternative philosophy: materialism = meaningless mortality, amoral

Worse – Judgement v38                Fear

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