Zephaniah 3

When The Lord Is With You

Zephaniah 3

Talk 1 of 3 in the series: Zephaniah: 2011 The Day Of The Lord

1. Goodbye

2. The Warnings

a. internal 1:1-2:3

b. external 2:4-15

3. God in the Rebellious City (3:1-8)

a. what city

b. oppressors rebellious and defiled

c. the Lord within

d. cut off nations

e. eager to act corruptly

f. wait for me

g. the whole world

4. God in the Restored City (3:9-20)

a. saving nations

b. the remnant

c. the king with you

d. judgement

e. salvation

f. restoration

5. Jesus – God with us

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