The Joy of Holidays, The Pleasure of Work

An edited audio version of Week 3 of Forum Term 1 2022 Loving The WorldForum is held on Thursday evening at Moore Theological College. Forum is a 2 hour session of interactive Bible teaching for 18-30 year olds.

The following week is The Joy of Marriage.

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Session Outline

  1. Work in Genesis 1-2 (Read Gen 2)
    • What is work?
    • What is rest?
    • Do animals work?
    • What does Genesis 1 teach us about work?
    • What does Genesis 2 teach us about work and rest?
  2. Work is good and to be enjoyed
  3. Rest is good and to be enjoyed
  4. The Importance of Work
    • What values purposes or benefits do people find in work?
    • What are the downsides of retirement or retrenchment?
    • What do Marxists mean by “alienation”?     
  5.  Sin work and the Sabbath
    • How do people use work to sin?
    • How does sin lead people to abuse the Sabbath?
  6.  What is effect of Sin

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